NSOperation-WebFetches-MadeEasy now FastEasyConcurrentWebFetches

After reading the latest Apple Guides on NSOperation and Concurrency, I updated NSOperation-WebFetches-MadeEasy to use normal NSOperations. It simplified the code for sure. But then I asked myself why I was still using NSOperation and NSOperationQueue, and not GCD alone.

Since this established project has NSOperation in its title, I didn’t feel right in just updating it to GCD, so I cloned it to FastEasyConcurrentWebFetches and have now pushed that code up.

The big difference is that now is that most everything uses blocks and GCD. It turns out you can add a NSRunLoop to a block, and get the same ability to “sleep” awaiting messages as you do with NSOperation.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 4.15.15 PM

This code will be the basis of a library I’m doing for my current employer, so it will get regular updates (as did NSOperation-WebFetches-MadeEasy), as bugs or other issues become evident.